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Christopher Peter Iglesia, also known as Gem en Eye, is an American Hip-Hop Producer and Songwriter. He started making music in 2008, although has been a percussionist since the age of six! Gem then graduated Bethel High School and quickly went to college for Computer Sciences. After dropping out of college, Gem en Eye self-taught himself music production and business while balancing multiple jobs. In 2015, the rising producer then started and founded his own music production company FundaMental Audio (FDMAudio.) Since then he has accomplished great milestones: getting placed in the top 128 beatmakers in the world, having the fortunate opportunity to learn under the great minds behind the works of artists like Kendrick Lamar to Demi Lovato, and graduating The Recording Film Radio Connection Institute as a Music Producer/Sound Engineer. Gem en Eye has produced songs for many independent artists like Stoney Kev, AR Immortal, and Swaii. In 2020, Gem en Eye released his first full-length studio album with New York hip-hop artist, Stoney Kev, called, “The New World.” With his constant success, Gem now assists other songwriters and individuals develop and scale brands through evergreen online solutions!

"The New World" Just Arrived!

The latest album by Hip-Hop’s newest duo, is now here! This album was written during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two artists, Gem en Eye (music producer) and Stoney Kev (lyricist,)  create the image of the events leading up to quarantine until the end of April. One of the tracks, “This Too Shall Pass” was written at the peak of quarantine, as a seed of inspiration and motivation to keep on pushing through, even through events that we can not control. This theme persists through all the tracks. Stoney Kev tell’s his story of juggling lives between living in New York City as well as being in the military. Gem en Eye’s beats and production compliment’s Stoney Kev’s heavy hitting lyrics and buttery flow adding to the overall vibe of the album. Go listen to 2020’s groundbreaking album today!

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